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Hi, I'm Lauryn

I'm a 22 year old living in birmingham, AL with my cat (and built in best friend) Kevin! I'm a student at UAB and am currently getting my bachelors in Biobehavioral Nutrition and Wellness (its a mouthful, I know), and am planning on going to pharmacy school starting in 2025! I love to travel and play pickleball with my family in my free time!! Of course photography is my passion and I am so excited for the possibility of getting to share that passion with you :)

Where it all began...

everyone always asks me how I got into photography. i fell victim to the trend of everyone wanting and needing a digital camera. i BEGGED my mom for a camera in middle school and when she got it for me I rarely used it... you know how that goes. i finally decided to pick it up again after taking a film photography class in high school and haven't looked back since

DSC04375-Edit copy.jpg

i started by picking up any photography gigs I could -- families, birthdays, proms, etc. i did my first UAB grad session in 2020 and WOW has it come such a long way! I went from doing a couple of grad sessions to doing almost 50 this past semester (insane, right?). i started with weddings through a special couple that opened a wedding venue near me. they recommended me for a small micro wedding and that's where i fell in love with capturing peoples love stories. graduates and weddings will always have my heart <3

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